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GainCloud is "Enabling Small Businesses" by helping them consolidate all business functions in one Private-Cloud. This innovative approach helps reduce existing cost and increase efficiency.

Business Apps Cloud

Business-Apps Cloud – delivers 45 business functions in 10 applications which assist a small business to simplify, consolidate, securely managing all day-to-day tasks from one “private” cloud, at a considerable pricing advantage. The goal of our service is to enable small businesses to take the age-old practice of running business, into the web-world.

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Benefits & Features

A Business Apps Cloud has several benefits starting with reducing your existing cost of running regular business tasks. Learn more about what features an Apps Cloud can compliment your business needs and how beneficial it can be...

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Who Is Using Apps-Cloud?

Our Current Strength:
  • 22 Businesses
  • 1200+ Users
  • Across 5 Countries
GainCloud Apps-Cloud Benefits

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What Our Clients Say

GainCloud helped us reduce cost of existing business expenses by 45% - no more paper forms, no more buying costly ink cartridge, fast email system, advance mass-emails, online forms, electronic payments, mobile support and lastly free website for life! Wow!