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A-to-Z Zone Cloud – Next Steps and Manual Billing for March-2015

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AA Brother Moataz,

I am back in Raleigh now. Do you have some time to review the tasks for =
the eCommerce side?

I will request billing to send you manual Invoice to cover the March-201=
5 and rest of the entire year of hosting and cloud fees – in 2 separate man=
ual invoices this weekend. I have CC’ed them. Your automated billing in can=


Please let me know quickly what are your suggestions and when you want t=
o meet for discussing the actions for the website?


Cell: 908-705-2775





On 02/13/15 12:08 PM, Muhammed Anas wrote:

AA brother,

Confirming you as you requested the automated billing is cancelled=
by (visa) authorize.net. Please find attached the 2 invoices that were bil=
led for Jan and Feb 2015. Also please find attached the payment plan that w=
as agreed and selected in Dec-2014. Let me know in case of any questions or=

Let me know when is a suitable time for you to meet at my office: 608 Gaston Street, Raleigh, NC 27603

You eCommerce site is up and running and access password list is attache=
d. Let me know the list of tasks you have for me to do.


thank you and regards,

Muhammed Anas
GainCloud Systems
608 Gaston Street, Raleigh,=
NC 27603
Visit Us @ www.gaincloud.com
Cell: 908-705-2775

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