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A Business Apps Cloud provides several benefits and essential features for your business/organization. Some of these are:

  • Focus on Business Not Running IT: Business Apps Cloud bring a host of 10 essential business application in one Private-Cloud for your business. All you need is a computer with a internet connection. No software to install and no additional hardware to purchase. Applications like emails, customer and invoice management, online forms and electronic document generation, mass email communication, online document storage, web based file links and share-folders allows you to start focusing on your business than worrying about computer services. You ca use existing templates for everything – for your website, for your mass-email, for your electronic documents and for your online forms; making it easy.

        PROBLEM SOLVED: No need to worry about software services, Focus on your business.

  • Peace Of Mind By Consolidate Your Internet Presence: You can have emails from one email-provider, your domain somewhere else, your website hosted at some shared server, Buying mass-emailing solution from some provider, using online-forms from some free-provider, have a few more accounts to do invoicing at some site, have all your electronic payments at another service-provider. Soon you have 10 passwords to manage, 10 time providers/software’s to pay for and manage – Why? Have everything in “One-Private Cloud” and don’t pay for any additional cost. Consolidate and save – that’s the new mantra!

        PROBLEM SOLVED: No need to worry about dozens of service providers, just one Cloud doing everything.

  • Reduce Cost By Saving On Everyday Business Tasks: You can only achieve savings if you just stop spending anymore. How to achieve this it by directly cutting down on Printing Papers, Buying Costly Printing Ink, Spending hours of effort and time in typing data, Traveling to meet people simply to get documents signed, Spending on Storage of files and folders, Spending on Distribution of mailer, Spending on Postage and expensive mass mailing services. – Get rid of all these expenses OR reduce your existing expense by using your Cloud.

        PROBLEM SOLVED: Business Apps Cloud “Guarantee” cost saving by reducing existing cost by 25% to 60%

  • Take The Cloud Anywhere: Take your entire office wherever you go. All Business Apps Cloud services are available via a web-browser like Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari. No need to install any software or any purchase any special hardware. All you need is a computer (or device) with an internet-connection and internet-browser.

        PROBLEM SOLVED: You can now work from anywhere. No more tied to your office.

  • Live Social: Take your entire office to any device – PC, Mac, iPAD, Phone-Device or any tablet. Connect your cloud to Social-Medium like facebook & twitter. All businesses are slowly moving into the internet to increase sales, get new customers and adopt the internet-business medium.

        PROBLEM SOLVED: Easily take your business into the Social World without learning and re-inventing everything – Cloud makes it easy!

  • Secure And Own Your Data: Take control of your business data like forms, emails, customer-contacts, invoices, electronic documents and communications. Own the data which belong to your business and store them all in one place – Your Business Apps-Cloud. Don’t allow marketing and PR firms like Advertisement agencies to push and pull your business data scattered across various free-internet sites.

        PROBLEM SOLVED: Business Apps Cloud helps you to first centralize all your business forms, data, invoices, emails, customer-contacts, bills – all in one place.

  • Organize and Build Reputation: Building reputation is higher priority for small businesses over the building brand. Actually Business Apps-Cloud helps in both…

        PROBLEM SOLVED: Get Organized! & doing so demonstrates building reputation to your customers & employees. All users, groups & roles in One business-identity.

  • Advanced Security & Flexibility: Secure Every page of every app of your Private-Cloud behind Military-grade Encryption, Then Add a hardware firewall and a few layers of soft-firewall, Top it with Monitoring and physical security.

        PROBLEM SOLVED: Be aware and be secure in your business activities. Business Apps-Cloud brings that Security Setup for your Business-Identity.

  • Customize The Cloud: Use your own business logo, name, color pattern and font-styling for your Business Apps Cloud. You can make all the apps look and feel appropriate to your own logo and style. This helps personalize your Cloud to your business name and helps build an identity and brand based on a unique name, logo or punch-line.

        PROBLEM SOLVED: You can now start promoting your business name, logo and brand in all apps and all pages in your Business Apps Cloud. Build your brand easily.