Enabling Small Business

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The Internet Age has given us the ability to perform virtually all of our office tasks from anywhere, from any device (mobile, computer or a tablet/iPad). But most small businesses have trouble managing the expense, as well as an unwieldy group of vendors, that support their web-presence and information technology applications.

Business-Apps Cloud – delivers 45 business functions in 10 applications which assist a small business to simplify, consolidate, securely managing all day-to-day tasks from one “private” cloud, at a considerable pricing advantage. The goal of our service is to enable small businesses to take the age-old practice of running business, into the web-world. With combined knowledge and tools to build on a social platform, GainCloud Business Apps can deliver a powerful and integrated approach on taking business processes online. Thus enabling them to run more efficiently and geared towards the web-generation.

It delivers 3 key results –

  1. Simplify existing business process/tasks
  2. Reduce Existing Cost (by consolidating existing services)
  3. Empower business-owners to adopt technology for growth.