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What is eFiles Service?

Online File Manager Repository Service allows users and organizations to manage files and data online without the hassle of carrying physical drives everywhere. As a hosted file sharing and management service, File Manager allows users to upload, download, email, communicate and manage files (and data) online. File Manager provides you a secure, safe and dedicated online space which can be used for storing files and data over the internet, using just your web browser. Users don’t need any additional software or hardware to use this service.


  1. Access your business data – Files & Folders from anywhere
  2. Upload, download files from any-computer/laptop, cell-phone or tablet computer
  3. Supports Multi-User Environment (for user-groups and organization employees)
  4. Create Internet-File Link and Internet-File-Copy Link and give it your friends and business contact
  5. Use just your browser – Internet Explorer Browser, Firefox Browser, Safari Browser & Google Chrome Browser
  6. You can choose an online Storage space from 2 GB (Gigabytes) to 50 TB (Terabytes)
  7. Store all your business data and important Files/Folders – Securely online in your private cloud.
  8. Stop losing important data – From Lost-Flash-drive, Hard-drive Crash, Broken DVDs, CDs & Crashed Computers!
  9. Create compressed ZIP files online (no WinZip, or Zip software needed)
  10. Allows your business contact and friends to download file (Securely) – “Without having a Member account”
  11. Create & Edit your files online
  12. Advanced File Distribution Workflow – Allows distribution of file links securely “With Tracking”
  13. Secure File Access – Via Password Token & SSO (Single Sign-On) Identity Management System
  14. Secure File Transfers – SSL Encryption Supported to prevent against common attacks
  15. Secure File Storage – via Data Encryption and Secure-ZIP Security