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 What is eForms Service?

Online forms provides a easy interface to create internet based simple forms for your users and audience. Some of these forms could be contact forms, feedback forms or event/invitation forms. Data thus submitted can be easily downloaded in a text or XL sheet.


  1. Build Social Presence: Online forms allows you to build online social presence quickly and effectively by combining email-lists with online feedback/suggestion collection. It allows to you collect, summarize, co-relate, report, chart and assimilate data/feedback collected from all your social contacts/ business contacts and customers easily.
  2. Take It To My Website: Each form has a unique URL, which can be used unlimited number of times. This enables collecting of data/comments and feedback from users/customers across internet without ever leaving your office.
  3. No More Typing: Allows download of all the data so you don’t have to type or tally it again in a Microsoft XL or Simple-text file.
  4. Make-It-Personal like your site and logo: Online forms service enables you to customize with your business/organization – name, logo, color-selection and even the complete font/style. You can also link this form to your website and never need to code a line.
  5. Fill-&-Pay: Online form allows you to link the form to you cloud based ePay enabling fillers to submit payments securely and directly to your google-checkout account. No monthly fees and no more coding hassle.
  6. Device Free: So every customer/user – whether using a phone, iPad or Mac or a laptop – no matter what computer or device they are using; they can now fill and submit your online form. So, we did cover that important piece of change-world where users “are” using more devices (other than a computer).


  1. Build your own Style: allows you to import custom logos, backgrounds, header images and custom styles – creating your customized branding/business look for your online-forms.
  2. Notify-Via-Email allow you to get to know the form-submits. You can preset which email account, frequency of notification and even what data-elements from form-submits that should be notified to you.
  3. Integrated Templates: Quickly get you online form running by allow you to Pick an existing style/look-and-feel for your forms and also allows you to keep them consistent.