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What is eList Service?

EList enables you to create a secure list of contacts and email them as a group. These group email helps in mass communication from within your cloud.

EList allows you to create a dedicated group-email-address like “salespromotions@mydomain.com” or “monthly-newsletters@mydomain.com”. Having a dedicated mailbox allows a secure and robust approach which allows your target contacts to choose if they want to receive your group-emails or not.


  1. eList is integrated right into your Office business Apps Cloud allowing you easy import and export of contact email addresses without any typing effort.
  2. Integrated Brand management allows to create customized headers and footers for all your outgoing group emails helping you build upon your great product / business-name or logo.
  3. Create multiple email-lists and manage all of them from a simple user interface.
  4. Create separate category of email lists allowing you to group your audience together.
  5. Create and Manage Contact Addresses and reuse the same address in single/multiple email list. EList automatically verifies the email addresses and keeps it current if the user has changed the email/address or name.
  6. Easy tracking allows you to verify who opened and read your email. This allows for customized response management and follow-ups for only those contacts who have read your email.
  7. Email templates allows you to create excellent looking group emails with a few clicks and no technical skill. This adds a professional appeal to your group emails using existing images/pictures, backgrounds, colors, headers and custom contents.
  8. Advanced Sender Restrictions differentiate your eList from other providers by adding an extensive security gateway for you group-list allowing and securing your group-list. You can setup access restrictions for who can email to the group-list – Only one admin, Many Admin, Only members within your Cloud/Domain/Business, or any one.
  9. Integrated Spam Management automatically blocks misuse of your group-emails and prune undelivered emails into separate Spam-folders for you to review and purge/delete or resend.
  10.  Integrated Group-Email History Management allows you to retain all your group-mails categorized into monthly folders for easy access, reference and for re-use in case you need them again.


  1. Compliment Professional Communication using a group-email list which is your primary business domain (mydomain.com)
  2. Advanced Security Features to help in access-management – who can send emails to the group can now be controlled.


Technical Talk & Techie-Stuff, here we go:

  1. Anti-SPAM Filter – Uses Bayes Self-Learning Algorithm Updated Daily to keep group-users protected everyday
  2. Anti-Virus – Built-in Blocker to STOP delivering group-emails that have viruses
  3. Storage – All inclusive storage of 5000 MB for storing group-emails.
  4. Domains – Support the primary business domain name (mydomain.com) for group-emails
  5. Total Emails – Includes dispatch-bandwidth of upto 20,000 emails per month (Dynamically expand upto 1 million emails)