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What is ePay Service?

EPay enables your business to start accepting credit-card/debit-card via online payments directly from within your cloud or via your website.


  1. Simplify Payment Collection: EPay service links your cloud to google’s checkout payment gateway and provides a full-featured payment system ready within minutes for you to use without a single line of code or complexity.
  2. Single Integrated Interface: ePay unifies all electronic payment featured in one interface like – Creation of payment-links, Tracking incoming payments and Manage email notifications
  3. Automated Notifications: You can preset automated email notifications to one/or-more email-addresses whenever a payment is posted/made. Peace of mind in getting to know that your payments are received and deposited automatically.
  4. Create Custom Payment URLs: create a secure-payment link and send it via email to any one such that they can pay online and remotely.
  5. Unified Gateway: A unified secure gateway allows you to track all payments received via online-forms, via ePDF registrations and via custom payment-links – all on a single screen. How easy could that be!
  6. Smart & Secure: ePay combines high tech security encrypting and SSL securing every page and every operation along with google vetting of every incoming payment. This combination not just makes sure the payment is from a valid source, but also makes sure all transactions are tracked, logged, audited, monitored and encrypted. EPay serves also synchronizes transactions and payee-information with googles business checkout server automatically, storing all the payment information securely “only for your” accounting purpose. Makes your year-end accounting and monthly sales-book keeping a piece-of-cake!


  1. Significantly reduces effort for billing, payment-collection and tracking all incoming financial contributions/incomes/payments.
  2. NO Monthly Fees for accepting credit/debit cards
  3. NO Traveling to your clients/customers to collect payments
  4. NO Hassle of collecting paper checks or money orders from your customers/donations
  5. NO trip to the bank for deposit-making tasks and awaiting in line
  6. Helps you focus on the business and daily tasks by reducing/eliminating your manual payment collection process

Technical Talk & Techie-Stuff, here we go:

  1. Zero monthly fee for using ePay
  2. Zero ANY fee for using high volume transactions (Or no transactions)
  3. Zero Transaction Fee from Cloud (Only Google checkout chrages you once for transactions, that’s it).
  4. Zero Fees to Any third-parties
  5. Zero Payments for any hardware – No credit/debit card machine, no check-scanning machine.