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What is ePDF Service?

ePDF Service enables business users to create unlimited electronic PDF (Portable Document Format) files online. Your business can now move entire paper-based form usage to your private cloud based Enterprise ePDF.


  • Advanced Secured ePDF Forms – Allow access only to a group of users to submit a form – either collecting information from each submitter or requesting they sign-in (with a user account and password) before submitting a form
  • Streamline Form Storage – Each completed form and its submitted form data is neatly organized in separate folders under a secure file-storage repository (managed by Evotrix File Manager).
  • Automated Document Tracking – ePDF Workflow allows tracking every generated ePDF document. Each generated document contains a unique tracking-id, enabling “Audit and Compliance” history tracking. This tracking includes – “When were the document generated”, “When filled-in”, “Who filled-in”, “Who signed” & “Signature-summary”.


  1. Reduce Paper Cost – Migrate all your paper-forms to electronic PDF forms, instead of filling in paper-based forms
  2. Reduce Typing Effort – Download all submitted data into a XL sheet/text file, instead of typing-in paper-form data
  3.  Use Online Signatures – Request your customers to e-sign contracts/documents online, instead of visiting every approving customer manually/personally
  4. Reduce Printing Cost – Create “unlimited” full-color PDF forms online, instead of printing paper-based form
  5. Reduce Storage Cost – Store ePDF online “securely”, instead of storing all paper-based forms in rows of file-storage