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What is eShare Service?

eShare Service is a web based cloud application providing essential file and folder sharing services over the internet. To Share files just a web-browser on any device will work and no special software, no ftp and no additional installation is needed. It helps in secure file-distribution and collaboration among Cloud-based users and any internet user/group.


  1. Web-based Access: Easy web-based Share files and folder with anyone on the internet – friends, family, collegues, college-alumni,…
  2. Effective Collaboration: eShare allows you to Collaborate – Create unique Internet-Accessible URL for any existing folder within your File-Manager repository. This allows you to selectively provide private-access or full-public access any File-Manager folders.
  3. No Install Needed: Get rid of custom softwares to install on your computer. Access, store, distribute and manage all your files and folder from any computer, phone or Pad-device without installing any new software. Access via your existing internet browser.
  4. Easy Uploads: Allow one-click-uploads by choosing restrictive access for anyone allowing some to allow-uploads to your shared-folder.
  5. Secure Tracking: You can also enable secure tracking and notification to eShare’s Administration/Owner whenever a file is accessed/read or uploaded to a share-folder. It works as an email based read-receipt/delivery-notification.
  6. Advanced Security: Mandates login using a preset user-id and password for all “Private” Share access. You can also enable additional security by enabling “Password needed for Uploads” feature and preset a special password for uploading files to a share-folder.


  1.  Increase Business Efficiency: Using eShare centralizes all your business, public and private data shares increasing serach efficiency and giving you back the control over what data-files/folders are shared and to whom.
  2. Enhance Network Traffic: Using Share folders instead of emailing files around helps reduce network traffic, enhanced internet bandwidth and increased productivity, because you can reduce your work.
  3. Reduce Overhead cost: eShare reduces overhead cost of distributing large media contents in CD/DVD and even postal charges of sending these to your clients.
  4. Direct Cost Savings: eShare reduces paper/printing and document-storage cost for your document repository, because your eShare is linked to your cloud-based Enterprise file-manager with several gigabytes of “private-storage”.
  5. Simplicity & Easy Access: eShare assists in easy management of all (files & folders) data-shares for your business from a single web-based interface. Using a browser only interface enables you to go “device-independent” across iPad, iPhone, laptop and your home computer.