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What is eSync Service?

eSync performs automatic-backup of important files/folders from your computer into your cloud storage.

Why we need safe backup?
Helps keep a safe backup away from your computer – preventing your data in case of any computer crash.
Accidental loss of computer/laptop
Accidental deletion of data files.
Loss due to wrongful events within company – malpractice by employee

How does eSync Service Helps?
Prevent significant business data from loss – business contacts, copies of legal paperworks, vendor and provider documents, enagagement and contract paperworks – encrypt and secure these important business continuity documents safely withing your private cloud storage.
Accounting and tax data – keep backup of important accounting data-exports and year-over-year tax data copies away from single computer and single location safely.

Additional Features of eSync?
Zero cost to your business
zero config, automatic linking to clous account
Automatic and scheduled backup
Allows multiple computer/laptop to be in sync with cloud account
All files are automatically accessible via secure Clous eFiles
Reliable and expandable storage in your cloud
High grade encryption of stored data
Integrated with Easy file finder built into eFiles
Integrated with eShare service to share files/folders securely