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eIdentity Service

What is eIdentity Service?

eIdentity Service promotes a “Business Identity” for your cloud-enable office. It unifies the administration and usage in a simple user interface. The Portal interface allows user-interaction like login, password management, service usage and registration. The eIdentity interface allows adminstration of cloud-services, your business users, groups and business-entities. It also helps in easy customization on the look and feel of your services. Management of your business domain, your cloud storage data, and quota-allocations are all components of eIdentity.


  1. Self Service Portal Reduces Cost:
    Easy to use self service portal would reduce number of calls for your Organizations help desk and amount of hand-holding done by your Organizations Administrators. This would enhance your Organizational efficiency and better (and faster) customer service.
  2. Reduced Resource Needs:
    Organization can now focus limited resources (man-power) on efficiently managing the Organizational users, groups, applications and online-identity using a single, integrated and powerful Identity Management System. Identity Service greatly reduce conventional operations cost helping Organizations to achieve more from limited resources.
  3. Self service Portal Features
    The Identity Service supports all common Identity Service operations as self-service functions. These are extremely beneficial to the Organizational users, who are now empowered to perform a wide range of Identity operations without the need to wait for days (to get help from an Organizational Administrator). Following are some of the functions supported by the self-service portal:

    • ID Requests
    • ID Revocation
    • ID Lookups & Queries
    • ID Entitlement
    • ID Resets
    • ID Password Management
    • ID Locks/Unlocks
    • ID Access to Application/Services
    • ID Membership to Groups
    • ID Membership to (Sub) Organizations/Divisions
  4. Workflow Tracker
    Service supports workflow driven approval workflows for user registration, group subscription, user entitlements, requesting access to resources, and many more.
  5. Customizable Organizational Branding:
    Ability to customize the Identity Service to make your own based on your Organizational logo, branding and look-and-feel. Your Organizational branding and web-presence is maintained seamlessly using advanced AJAX based page customization.
  6. Customizable Language, UI Presentation, Look & Feel:
    Service offers the use of multiple languages for your user base. Also support to predefined color palette which suits your Organization better.
  7. Customizable Service Workflows – Dynamic Self Registration:
    Service offers the ability to control key functions like Self-registration workflow, dynamically using parametric customization. This allows the Organization to collect and process only selective public (and private) information from the user base, dynamically and efficiently.


  • Supports Full Functional Self Service Portal
  • Supports User Manager, Group Manager and Org Manager
  • Supports Lookup, Search and Reporting Features
  • Supports Integrated Workflow Management for Approvals/Denials
  • Supports Password Self Service for Users – Change/Reset/Forgot ID
  • Supports Protecting Forms and Application
  • Supports Role Based Access Control (RBAC) Model
  • Supports Fine Grain Authorization (Using LDAP Groups)
  • Supports Advanced Group Management Features
  • Supports Integrated Communication and Notification Features
  • Supports 3 Tier Hierarchy – Users, Administrators, Service Owners
  • Supports SSO Session Manager (Security Dashboard)
  • Supports Function Driven Separation of Duties (For Users & Admin)
  • Supports Identity Protection for Multiple Web-Domains
  • Supports Agent-Less Access Management for Web-Sites and Pages
  • Supports Customizable & Dynamic Self Registration Workflow