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Re: Fwd: Wristband paypal link

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AA Sister,

Your blog site is also ready as given below.


I will work with Brother Firdos to clean up the store site and make it l=
ook good to launch the wristband sales. But using a form will not work. We =
need to be able to use paypal, shopping cart, shipping (if needed), taxes (=
if needed), reports, orders, customers, many similar items which are provid=
ed automatically (by opencart) and also have a few more functionality. So u=
sing an opencart store works better. I have installed it on the server and =
provided the admin access as given below:


Lets discuss it when school reopens. Inshaa allah.


Principal Blog Site Access:

    Blog URL:       &nbsp=
;            &n=
bsp;        http://alimanschool.org/principal

Blog Admin URL:    &nb=
sp;         http://alimanschool.org/principal/wp-admin

Admin User Name:    &n=
bsp;    admin

    Admin Password:      &nbsp=
;     Muss@rut12345


Al-Iman School Online  Store:

    Store URL:       &nbs=
p;            &=
nbsp;      http://alimanschool.org/store

    Store Version:       =
            OpenCart= – Stable Version

    Store Admin URL:      &nbs=
p;     =

    Admin User Name:      &nbs=
p;  admin

    Admin Password:      &nbsp=
;     ALIMAN9*7^5

    Note:        &nb=
sp;            =
sp;  — Do not change or share the store admin password —


Muhammed Anas
GainCloud Systems
608 Gaston Street, Raleigh,=
NC 27603
Visit Us @ www.gaincloud.com
Cell: 908-705-2775

On 02/24/15 9:11 AM, Mussarut Jabeen wrote:

AA Br Anas
Please create a form ,pay pal shopping cart. The following information=
can be on the form
Number of wristbands
Standard Shipping rate in U.S. And Canada( please check how much is it=
for regular mail as well )
I will appreciate it if you can do it today, we are getting messages h=
ow to order on line.

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Begin forwarded message:

From: “Firdos M. Pathan” <fm_pathan@yahoo.com>
Date: Febr=
uary 23, 2015 at 9:12:39 PM EST
To: Mussarut Jabeen &=
anschool.org>,  Muhammed Anas <anas@gaincloud.com>
Subject: =
Wristband paypal link

Reply-To: “Firdos M. P=
athan” <fm_pathan@yahoo.com&g=

Assalam Wa Alaikum,=
I investigated the =
ability to add paypal link wristbands. Its not obvious in the wordpress on =
how that is integrated into the header today for the donations. I have sent=
email and reached out to Anas. I did find wordpress plugins that Anas coul=
d install for us to make it easier to customize paypal shopping carts more =
easily as widgets. In sha Allah, he will respond soon.
In terms of the con=
cept itself, we need to set a minimum order size if you are going to ship t=
he wristbands so that you account for standard shipping rates. Using flat-r=
ate boxes will be optimal. The flat rate price for the smallest USPS flat-r=
ate box is approximately $7.00 (including tax). So that means, you need to =
have a minimum order of 4 wristbands to cover your cost and a minimum =
order of 5 wristbands per order to make profit.
If you are only goi=
ng to make the wrist band orders available for pick-up, then that is fine=
Please let me know =
the minimum order size so when we do the form, we can incorporate it.

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