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Regarding New Cloud Setup

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AA Sheik,

Can you please step through the Cloud Enrollment Process on the “gainclo=
ud.com” >> Cost Signup Page. This is an automated process to start pr=
ovisioning the Business Apps Cloud for your non-profit organization.

Select Standard Cloud while Sign-up. No credit card / payment is require=
d. I will send the billing acceptance invoice (along with discounted pricin=
g in it for $29 per year) as soon as I have the Cloud Registration document=
=2E Preferably select a NEW domain name that ends with DOT-COM or DOT-ORG i=
nstead of other names because it will ensure the emails and group-emails ge=
ts delivered easily without any issues. I verified that your existing domai=
n name will take effort to migrated out and its a DOT-US domain which does =
not work for the cloud-service.

Let me know in case of any questions or concerns.




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